Vibration Technology

What is Vibration Technology?

Whole Body Vibration is the safest and most effective method of stimulating the human and equine body to be healthier, stronger and more efficient. Whole Body Vibration is much safer than traditional strength training (anaerobic) and cardiovascular training (aerobic), while yielding similar or improved health outcomes. VibraMed is operating daily to give people better choices, more control and more convenience in the important aspects of their health and wellness – and building significant, life-changing friendships in the process.

Vibration training has 40 years of research behind its science. With any technology, the individual needs to take a critical look at the research and validity behind it. Whole Body Vibration has been featured in such prestigious and influential peer reviewed journals as Spine, Journal of Bone and Mineral Density and Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. With its potential applications, new research is constantly being initiated across numerous North American and European Universities.

Featured Vibration Product

Our featured vibration product is the Hypervibe G-17 PRO! This full body vibration machine offers a wide variety of programs to help you get the most of of your vibration exercises.

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Hypervibe makes me feel good, and feeling good is an asset.

Dr. Joan Vernikos

Previous Director of Life Science at NASA

The Power Plate is a great option for me to have on set or location where and when I possibly can. I never have any fixed time in a day to fit in exercise but it’s important to me for my job and helps me enormously in retaining a sense of balance and wellbeing. It is so quick and easy and I can really feel the results after just a few minutes a day.

Anna Friel


Power Plate is critical to my strength and agility training. It has helped to significantly increase my core motion, bat speed and stability, which are key to my performance at the plate and in the field.

Evan Longoria

Professional Baseball Player