World’s Largest Private Collection of Whole Body Vibration Machines

You’re In Good Hands

HyperVibe is a company devoted to Whole Body Vibration. Our team is made up of health experts, fitness enthusiasts, and technical professionals from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, and around the world.

Many years researching, developing, and training with Whole Body Vibration machines made it clear that like other areas of the Wellness industry, the Whole Body Vibration market has its fair share of misinformation, dishonest marketing, and inflated prices. Our aim is to provide consumers with the most affordable, highest value Whole Body Vibration platforms possible while only making claims we can support in our marketing.

Our machines deliver a whopping 17G’s of G-force at 28Hz, figures that have been confirmed by independent testing on numerous occasions. This far out-performs our leading competitors machines which cost upwards of seven times as much. What’s more, we back our products with a generous warranty and nation-wide after-sales support to give you piece of mind.

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